how king’s kaleidoscope out-hymns all of us

King’s Kaleidoscope has become one of my favorites. I love this video of their live performance of “Come Thou Fount.” I appreciate what they’ve done for music today, and believe they have brought hymns to life in an amazingly creative way. Their creative confidence is in good shape I’d say.


Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence

Last night I had the small task of addressing some invites. Thought process before diving into the task went something like this:

“Oh, I NEED to get these out. I will address and stamp them right now.” —> “This will take ten minutes? Probably?” —> “I should listen to a  TED talk, right?” —> “I mean, I would like someone to make me feel like addressing these envelopes will be a step towards changing the entire world. After all, I’m the freaking future. Right? Right??” —> “I’ll just google creativity TED talks now. NOW, I said.”

So I did. I actually first stumbled upon a few articles talking about creativity, and how it’s something we all have, and it’s important, and blah blah blah. They were okay. And then I found David Kelley’s TED talk on creative confidence. The video is below, and I encourage you to watch it. It’s only 11 minutes. So, go ahead, address those envelopes! Clean that stovetop! Boil that water! But first turn on this video. You will be able to assess your personal creative confidence and also feel more like a game-changer than a mere water-boiler. You’re not just heating up that water, you’re CHANGING THE WAY IT ACTS! You inspired that water to evolve, didn’t you?

I’m kind of making it sound like the video is cheesy and inaccurate. But it’s not. It is actually motivational and helped me realize common reasons I fear my own creativity. And more importantly, how to push against this fear. The gist of the talk is this: we’re all creative. People are not creative OR analytical. That’s just the black and white order we’ve created ourselves. Creative growth comes through small victories. You don’t need to change the entire universe with your first idea. And you most likely won’t. But with a small victory comes confidence to act again, think a little harder, challenge your comfort zone a little more.

Following the video, I read this article here. Written by Tom Kelley and David Kelley, it sums up the TED talk and adds some more insight. At one point in the article, the authors state that “creativity is something you practice, not just a talent you’re born with.” That makes it far less intimidating to venture into a new discipline, share your new idea, or even just attempt to think of fresh spins on whatever you’re working on. Small victories, people. Small steps toward rediscovering creativity.

creative confidence = natural ability + courage

David Kelley: How to Build Your Creative Confidence

the early bird gets the worm, but the lazy bird gets the sweet youtube video.



I meant to do a short recap of my first trip to New York/the YMA experience, but then….I didn’t. My pictures were subpar, and I found it a little hard to explain why I was there to people who asked. I think I was there to have the opportunity to meet people who care about the fashion industry and hear about ways they are giving back to education. But it also could have been to eat the waldorf salad. Either way…can I do it again?

New York was great. I became acutely aware that there ain’t no sunshine when the buildings are so very tall. And for that reason alone, I probably couldn’t make it as a New Yorkite? New Yorkian? New Yorkie? New Yorker…that’s the one. Besides missing the sunshine, the city showed me a good time. I was a complete tourist, but…like…a cool one….not like those OTHER tourists. The YMA gala was one of the beautiful events I’ve attended. Alber Elbaz gave a humble yet inspiring speech on his journey in the fashion industry. His humility was surprising in the best way. I am still very grateful for the opportunity I had to go and see all that I did. Iowa State, you’ve done it again. You’ve been the best.

I met another student there who recently shared the following video. Which is the whole reason this came to my mind again, and I was reminded I never got around to saying much about New York. Watch if you want; enjoy the Biebs singing to you, if nothing else.

Also:: I fully intend to visit NYC again, when I have more of a flexible schedule. Suggestions??

Today’s Thoughts.


John 14:15 says “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” That was a good thing for someone to tell me last night, because it simplified things for me quite a lot. If I love the One who redeemed my soul, I’ll just obey. Because that makes sense. So in moments when I don’t fully understand why I shouldn’t do something, or more commonly when I don’t want to understand, I guess that just doesn’t matter too much. I love Him, right? So that is enough. Through obedience, His love for me is all the more clear and all the more overwhelming. And that is better than life, you guys.

picture: created via photoshop. i downloaded the arrows from here and immediately thought “oh, that was a good thing.”

Just so we’re clear.


My family is the best. Sorry to all the other families. I love the way they love people, love simple fun, love good stories, love homemade ice cream, and love kind of offending people…but only because they know better.

My cousin Katie is one of my favorite people. Her laugh is contagious and she is way cooler than any other mother-of-two I know. When she asked me to do a “co-blog” with her, I was all about it. We’re going into this with no real game plan. Because we’re laid back, you know? Also because we don’t really know what we’re doing and know little about the wordpress ins and outs. We’re starting with “top 5” lists. (Things are often better in list form.) Our first try at this co-blog is a list of things we just want to be clear on.

So, without further introduction. Just so we’re clear…

  1. I am fully aware that when I buy a Starbucks iced latte, I’m paying for an “unhealthy” “not even that good” “overpriced” drink. I also do not care.
  2. So Michelle Obama is pro-exercise and into J. Crew. So are THOUSANDS OF OTHER WOMEN. It’s not that cool.
  3. Fashion majors do more than flip through Teen Vogue magazines and rate Red Carpet outfits.
  4. Casey’s pizza > other pizza.
  5. So The Family Man was alright. This is not enough to make up for Nicolas Cage’s 71 other acting roles. Yes, I just said 71. Again, I repeat, 71.

Now, I’ll give it over to Katie so she can clear some things up for the world…

Start here.

I had an amazing weekend of relationship, renewal, and rest. I learned an incredible amount about missions, and am still working through the processing of it all. It’s the best kind of processing.

Spent some time on this website today. Read a blurb or two on Italy, and cannot wait to live there in the fall. Today, pray for Austria. 15% of their nation is unreached and do not know Christ’s name. Help from that comfy couch you’re sitting on right now!


Infused Jameson because, duh.

Now that my boyfriend’s birthday is over, and the gift has been given, I can share this top secret recipe! (It’s accessible only to you and every other person who has internet!!)

I read this post here about the how-to of making apple-cinnamon infused whiskey back in December, and stashed it away for my favorite guy’s birthday in February. It seems like a great Christmas gift, but being “snowed in” last night seemed like Christmas season enough. The complete directions/pictures are on that website, so take a look!

I cut the recipe down to 1 liter of Jameson for my gifting (because my wallet was all, “one is enough.”) So, I then used 2 cinnamon sticks, one green apple, and one braeburn apple. I bought a 2 liter jar from Target, and let it sit for about 2 and a half weeks.

Pour in two mason jars. Tie with ribbon. Be adorable. Give to someone special! That someone can tooootally be you, by the way.

I would also take the suggestion of adding this to apple cider, heating, and mmmmmmmming.


jameo3 final2



The Journey of Facebook Searching Your Old Elementary School Teachers.

All searches done with my bff, Tiffany.




We started with kindergarten: Success! Found our teacher and counted to 3 so we could add her AT THE SAME TIMEEEEE. (Still waiting friend confirmations.)

1st grade: Kay Friis. Couldn’t find her. Searched her daughter “Tiffany Friis” who has eleven friends all from Russia or unidentifiable contries. Moving on.

2nd grade: Jill Henry. No such luck…searched Tiffany’s mom instead. Also no such luck.

Skip 3rd and 4th grade. Because we don’t care. We don’t believe we learned anything in those grades.

5th grade: We’re currently friends with our 5th grade teacher. She loves maxi dresses and lives in Sydney, Australia. Yeah, okay, you win, Mrs. Malin.

6th grade: Laura Anderson. Could not find her or her orange sweater. IF ONLY WE COULD REMEMBER HER IDENTICAL TWIN’S NAME!!!???

7th grade: Phillip Wenndt. Found him, despite his profile picture being a disguised rubber ducky. And all his tagged photos being pictures of the flood.

8th grade: She’s too cool to even search for. You go, Mrs. Bronkhorst.

Janitor: John Huffy. There was no John Huffy, but there WAS a Huffy Johnson. He studied “Beer” at Joliet Junior College and has a photo album entitled “Gucci Mane Tattoo Photos.” So…I mean…maybe?

Secretary: Anita Johnson. There is one profile with a picture of a beta fish. We’re pretty convinced this is the one. She “likes” Pioneer Trail coupons and CastleVille.

Ex-Principal: Steve. Couldn’t find him….searched his daughter…found out she is married with child. So there’s that.


Tips: 1) When in doubt, add the mother of your best friend from kindergarten-8th grade. Scroll through her friends. 2) Always assume the worst. 3) If you can’t find their picture, assume it’s the one with a profile picture of a cartoon or of the first photo that comes from the Google search of “Maui.”