the early bird gets the worm, but the lazy bird gets the sweet youtube video.



I meant to do a short recap of my first trip to New York/the YMA experience, but then….I didn’t. My pictures were subpar, and I found it a little hard to explain why I was there to people who asked. I think I was there to have the opportunity to meet people who care about the fashion industry and hear about ways they are giving back to education. But it also could have been to eat the waldorf salad. Either way…can I do it again?

New York was great. I became acutely aware that there ain’t no sunshine when the buildings are so very tall. And for that reason alone, I probably couldn’t make it as a New Yorkite? New Yorkian? New Yorkie? New Yorker…that’s the one. Besides missing the sunshine, the city showed me a good time. I was a complete tourist, but…like…a cool one….not like those OTHER tourists. The YMA gala was one of the beautiful events I’ve attended. Alber Elbaz gave a humble yet inspiring speech on his journey in the fashion industry. His humility was surprising in the best way. I am still very grateful for the opportunity I had to go and see all that I did. Iowa State, you’ve done it again. You’ve been the best.

I met another student there who recently shared the following video. Which is the whole reason this came to my mind again, and I was reminded I never got around to saying much about New York. Watch if you want; enjoy the Biebs singing to you, if nothing else.

Also:: I fully intend to visit NYC again, when I have more of a flexible schedule. Suggestions??


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