Just so we’re clear.


My family is the best. Sorry to all the other families. I love the way they love people, love simple fun, love good stories, love homemade ice cream, and love kind of offending people…but only because they know better.

My cousin Katie is one of my favorite people. Her laugh is contagious and she is way cooler than any other mother-of-two I know. When she asked me to do a “co-blog” with her, I was all about it. We’re going into this with no real game plan. Because we’re laid back, you know? Also because we don’t really know what we’re doing and know little about the wordpress ins and outs. We’re starting with “top 5” lists. (Things are often better in list form.) Our first try at this co-blog is a list of things we just want to be clear on.

So, without further introduction. Just so we’re clear…

  1. I am fully aware that when I buy a Starbucks iced latte, I’m paying for an “unhealthy” “not even that good” “overpriced” drink. I also do not care.
  2. So Michelle Obama is pro-exercise and into J. Crew. So are THOUSANDS OF OTHER WOMEN. It’s not that cool.
  3. Fashion majors do more than flip through Teen Vogue magazines and rate Red Carpet outfits.
  4. Casey’s pizza > other pizza.
  5. So The Family Man was alright. This is not enough to make up for Nicolas Cage’s 71 other acting roles. Yes, I just said 71. Again, I repeat, 71.

Now, I’ll give it over to Katie so she can clear some things up for the world…


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