Infused Jameson because, duh.

Now that my boyfriend’s birthday is over, and the gift has been given, I can share this top secret recipe! (It’s accessible only to you and every other person who has internet!!)

I read this post here about the how-to of making apple-cinnamon infused whiskey back in December, and stashed it away for my favorite guy’s birthday in February. It seems like a great Christmas gift, but being “snowed in” last night seemed like Christmas season enough. The complete directions/pictures are on that website, so take a look!

I cut the recipe down to 1 liter of Jameson for my gifting (because my wallet was all, “one is enough.”) So, I then used 2 cinnamon sticks, one green apple, and one braeburn apple. I bought a 2 liter jar from Target, and let it sit for about 2 and a half weeks.

Pour in two mason jars. Tie with ribbon. Be adorable. Give to someone special! That someone can tooootally be you, by the way.

I would also take the suggestion of adding this to apple cider, heating, and mmmmmmmming.


jameo3 final2




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