Top Five.

This weekend’s top five::

1. Night out on Main Street.

2. Thrifting in Ankeny. Who knew the Salvation Army there was so awesome?? Han and I got matching Iowa sweatshirts. (See photo. See the lack of shame.) I also found a few sweaters, and a navy/white polka dot button up. For 1 dolla. And this is after passing up a 22.50 dolla polka dot button up from Forever21 just an hour before. TAKE THAT, OVERPRICED AVERAGE QUALITY FOREVER 21.

3. Laying in my bed (twin size by the way) drinking diet pepsi and watching Catfish with Hannah. Wondering how these people exist. Also laughing much more than normal due to this.

4. Scrolling through Buzzfeed and finding this post. You feel better…don’t you?? 27-39. Can’t stop laughing.

5. Church this morning. Solid presentation of the gospel. Watching my boyfriend be a stud and the whole band sing Mumford’s I Will Wait.

Hope your weekend was just as good! Even though I know it wasn’t! (Sorry.)




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