The forever kind.


We’ve crammed into the 2nd floor Maple lounge and tested how long we can sit on the floor Indian style. Every Monday night for almost six months now. My connection group is full of the most beautiful, honest, and encouraging girls. I think it’s just the best that I get to lead these girls with one of my best friends. But, really, they have led me in so many ways. They are some of the most eager women I’ve known. Eager to be kinder, sweeter, wiser, more intentional, more responsible, and more understanding of Christ. I so look forward to Mondays, and this semester even more than last. We have become so close, and the new level of honesty and raw sincerity is refreshing and beautiful. Every time someone has cried for something good, or cried for something hard, I thank God. Because that means we’re now somewhere we’ve never been before. There has been so much change and beautiful transformation this year, and I am blessed through all of it. This is one of the more vivid pictures of family that I’ve seen in my life, let alone get to be a part of. Tonight, I’m thankful for this family. Tonight, I’m extra excited that it’s a forever type of family. That is the best kind, you know.

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