Marathon 3.



I found my answer around mile 9. This is the point in the race when you meet the 1.5 mile out-and-back. As you’re starting the loop, those ahead of you (by a considerable distance) are on the other side, running back past you.

The question: “Do you just feel so great running a marathon?”

And I guess you think you will. But then you hit the loop. And you see a man with one fake knee passing you on the other side. Miles ahead. And then a man pushing another man in a wheelchair passes you. And then a woman that is 118 years old comes along. And you think, Oh.

Marathons are good challenges though. Running one pushed me both physically and mentally, and I’m glad I did it. So now, I need a new challenge, people. And I’m turning to a new kind of marathon. It’s super underground though, you probably haven’t heard of it. It’s fine.

I’m goin on a blogging marathon. I have failed greatly at consistently writing or posting anything on my blog. And that really doesn’t affect others, but it’s something I like to do that I haven’t been exercising lately. I am committing to 26 days of posting something. Even if it’s small. You don’t have to follow along, I’m sure you have better things to do like growing lemon trees indoor or fighting world hunger. BUT, I would be delighted if you checked in and said hey any day or every day. (And also told me about your lemon tree tips, because I want to grow one someday.)

So, it all comes back to you, 118-year-old woman! Let’s see you try to blog and link things to other things and attach weird photos that are only slightly relevant to your post. Do you even know how to check e-mail??!! Do you even know who Chad Michael Murray is??? Ha, ha, heh. That’s what I thought.



5 thoughts on “Marathon 3.

  1. I’ve been growing a grapefruit tree in doors. I realize it doesn’t make sense, but I can’t stop because I started it already. AND it has grown out of it’s third pot. I don’t have any advice for your lemon tree but that you should definitely do it. 🙂
    -Heather M.

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