I wish a hiatus was a flower.

I’ve gone on a blogging hiatus so that I could come back and use the word hiatus. So hello there!

I couldn’t think of a better way to try to make up for almost 2 months of nothing than to bombard your eyes with flowers. And then MORE flowers!! I love flowers so much, you guys. They are so beautiful. But I also love using the word hiatus. I never get to use it, and think of how fun it is to say! If I could combine the two loves more often, I would overflow with joy. I mean, if a hiatus was a flower, I would want BOUQUETS, people. Bouquets.

Anyways. Enjoy these pictures, or just get outta town. Also, have a wonderful day, because you’re most likely a wonderful person.




3 thoughts on “I wish a hiatus was a flower.

  1. Yep. We’re definitely of the same blood line. That second bouquet is to die for.
    I too have been on hiatus, but not so I could use the word, just because I got nothin in my noggin to write about. Noggin is a great word too. Noggin.

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