Goals or it didn’t happen


To preface this:

S/O to Becky Murphy as she is getting her first book published! A book sharing the perks of being short, complete with illustrations, is on its way to YOU. Check out how it all went down here. I’m very excited for you, Becky, and you and your hard work certainly deserve this. Enjoy this awesome time and note that if I somehow lose the 8 inches of height that I have on you, I will order 12 copies of IRBS and find great solace.

(Also: Just learned what S/O means cuz my cool factor got a leg cramp and fell behind. Excited to have just used it appropriately.)


Books published, RAGBRAI miles finished, blogs started. My friends are exceedingly creative, quietly brave, and very motivational to me. When people pair passion with discipline, things EXPLODE into goodness. I find few things more intriguing and notable than people with the discipline to do the things they say they desire. I also find few things more annoying then practicing my own self-discipline. Hmm. But, here I am world, ready to give love another chance. And by love, I mean goal-setting. 


First came running, then came money, then came a bunch of secret things I can’t tell you because you’ll steal them.

Let me explain.


 After writing out a number of things I want to complete in both the next 6 months and in the next 12 months, I got extra lifted on go-getter aromas. And then I faxed in my marathon registration. So. That’s happening October 21st. I’m excited to share my woes and joys of the next 12 weeks of running.

 Mo money, mo chances you won’t cry over student loans when you’re 28 with two kids. So, I am budgeting every dollar I’m making for the first time in my entire life. Just 5 days after I made this commitment, I have felt more aware of my money, where it is going, and more importantly, where it is staying. (In my pockets, girl.)

There are some less boring goals I’ve got brewing too. More creative than checking my bank account and running around town. I’ve got more than a few ideas, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself, saying things like, “I’m going to bike everywhere for a year! And if you don’t join me, you hate the environment!” or “I will paint a mural for every month of the year!” just because those things sound interesting. Besides, someone will then hold me to those things, and I will have to stop being friends with that person. So, for right now, I’m still figuring out what I want to commit to and what makes me really excited. And then I want to do those things.


Basking in the glory of accomplishment.



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