Elements of my 4th of July.

I don’t really throw parties. Then again, I’ve never really had the means to throw a party. But a week before the 4th, my roommate and I decided in a moment of impulse to have some people over for the holiday. And based on how much fun we had, I guess we can all learn that impulse decisions are good 100% of the time.

I’ve made a short list of the elements that made up this 4th. Reasons it was so fetch, and ways the lil’ holiday can improve itself to be even BETTER next year. If America’s still around and stuff.

1. Friends. They are a key element here. Friends came and they were fun. They came bearing mountains of raw meat and oceans of beer and my fridge was all “Woooaaah! I’ve never been so full and used and I’m all excited! Also a little drunk since I’m secretly hi-jacking a few brewskies for myself!”

It’s good to strategically invite some guys who like to grill and know how to as well. Isaac and Justan (who I invited because I like. Not just because they’re useful) quickly assumed the positions of grill-attendees and boy am I grateful. I didn’t even consider lighter fluid or coal until Isaac asked me if I had some. A grill doesn’t burst into flame by command of my mouth? I don’t understand.

2. Food. People like the stuff. Major “Thanks Ladies!” to Molly and Corinne for making the best-tasting things in the kitchen. The guacamole? To diiieeeeeee. As for myself, I am not a big baker. But I want to be. And that’s almost kind of the same thing. In my defense, my oven is some kind of messed up, and the temperature is typically hotter than it reads. It burns the bottom of most things I try to bake. So, even though I TOLD my oven lemon bars aren’t supposed to be yellow and black, it didn’t listen. Maybe the fridge was sharing its alcohol with the oven. I mean, they are right next to each other, those sneaky appliances.

3. Sparklers. Fun all of the time…holiday or not.

4. Music. Dare you to tell me what celebrates America better than Phil Collins.

5. Corn hole. This is for my special readers who are from IOWA. I am not very good at this game, but I may have practiced again in the parking lot of a gelato café last night, because like I said, this is Iowa. Or FLY-owa, as it should be called! (joke via becks)

6. A dishwasher. You will be a new kind of thankful for this appliance the morning after your shindig. Just make sure it’s steered clear of the fridge/oven hood-rat influence.


Grill-whisperer/boyfriend double threat.

Friends on Fire.

First picture found here.


2 thoughts on “Elements of my 4th of July.

  1. Two things regarding this post that I just now got around to reading. (Sorry bout that)
    1:”And based on how much fun we had, I guess we can all learn that impulse decisions are good 100% of the time.” Love this. I’m going to start living my life with this mentality. This line made me do the snort out loud in my cubicle.

    2: I imagine you burn the bottoms of everything you bake because you have the wrong pans. If you’re not using an airbake cookie sheet or pan then you need to go invest in one. it’s a baking must. Perhaps I’ll blog about it.
    pS I didn’t forget about my top ten lyrics blog. It’s just taking me forever. :/

  2. Even though I’m Canadian, it is now part of my gameplan to throw down a July 4th south of the border one of these years. Same with a Thanksgiving. Yours is a month and a half later than ours and you guys do it up WAY more hardcore than we do. Which, in the land of foodstuffs, counts. 😉

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