How to plan the wedding of the year.

Well, she did it. She said “HECK YEAH!”

My best friend is getting married. And I’ve found myself in the perfect position. Weddings are a hoot, but the costs make me wanna be all like THIS.  So, in this sweet time that I can still help plan, yet evade those looming costs, I’ve taken it upon myself to brew up some ideas on how to throw one bangin wedding. Here goes it: 

Carve invitations from solid gold, engraving all key details. 

Sprinkle rose petals? Ha, we’re doing diamonds up in this b$*&^. (Katie’s idea) 

Install time machine in the church, just in case someone forgets their vows, faints, says MY name instead of the brides (happens all the time.), etc.

 Give guests diamond dust instead of rice to throw at the couple when they exit the church.

Offer each guest his or her own personal favorite meal/dessert/drink. I want chocolate cake/chocolate cake/chocolate cake blended up. But like….REALLY expensive chocolate cake. 

 Call Tupac’s people and have holograms made of the couple at each year of their relationship. They can dance around at the reception. 

               Side note: I would also like to have holograms made of myself for the sake of fun. (Mine would include ages 2-20 and I would also rap.) 

Make it rain with glitter…Literally.

Bring Whitney Houston back from the dead and have her sing “I will always love you.” Kath loves her. Will need to splurge for the necessary cocaine to keep her alive long enough. (Too soon?)



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