You go, girl.

Here’s to YOU, Sophie Duran. Your Undiscovered Wonders of the World collection is absolutely beautiful. When I look through the collection, I feel that the art actually has some soul or personality. As if one print may be asking another one out for drinks tomorrow night. I wish there were more for my eyes to see!

I regretfully have one bone to pick, however. Your tumblr is called “Colour me Sophie.” Really? I mean, sure, Sophie is one adorable name. But do you really want to be ADORABLE? You are no puppy. No cutsie toddler with smushed blueberries all over your face. You are an artist. A conceptual artist. And a woman, for goodness sake. Now, I know I just sprung this on you, so here are some ideas I’m cooking up::

1. “Colour me Vivienne” — Who cares if that’s not your name. No one will know until they look at your bio, which buys you a solid 2-7 minutes. Even then, they will assume Vivienne is a dead grandmother or some evocative woman that they don’t even KNOW about, because, heck, they just aren’t as cool as Sophie Duran!

2. “Colour me Badd” –You get to put a British spin on the guys who wanna sex “you” up, but you can still skedaddle out the lawsuit door, because your tumbie name has a “u” in it. Best of both worlds, you sneaky Netherland person, you.

3. “Colour me Gouda” –Gouda is your hometown, but most people will initially think of cheese. Again, they will probably assume the name is one of layers, symbolizing an intricate web of design ventures and personal influences that they are too inept to understand. But it doesn’t! And it won’t make any sense at all and it will be funny. (For me, and maybe for you too.)

Open to other suggestions, Sophie. We’ll figure it out.




But really I’m over it, because I love these prints like woah.


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