Friday’s Thoughts.


Some people have a defining moment where they realize they don’t like how they live their lives or the way they think about things, and they change it. Sometimes God uses a relationship (or a lack of relationship), an experience, or some other “moment” to grab hold of someone’s heart and it’s really cool. I seem to process things slower. Christ is revealed to me steps at a time, slow sips of freedom and understanding and grace. Maybe it’s an experience or choice I make, or maybe it’s another person in my life, but I see characteristics of Christ and glimpses of the eternal value of things, and I just…get it more.

I’ve gained some really awesome relationships this year and I have people in my life that ask me hard questions and really pour into my life more than I ever have before. It’s helped me process all that’s been going on in my life these past few years, but writing has also evolved into a sweet outlet of mine. I seem to be able to sift about my thoughts and emotions through a pen or keyboard best, leaving out the clumps of mistaken coincidence or irony and globs of ignorance.

SO I am in the midst of beginning to tell “my story.” Basically recalling stories that have showed me parts of Christ’s nature, and consequently changed how I think about things, how I act, how I view faith and God. A less eloquent stab at a personal Blue Like Jazz or Traveling Mercies in some ways. I know how much reading those books refreshed my soul, so I think this may be the best way to rest in what He’s done for me for a while. I just want something tangible so I can look back and say “Oh yeah, life’s crazy. And Jesus is good.” I hope to share a few of the stories, because it can often spark conversations I wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. My brief and somewhat vague story in “God and Drugs” opened up some talks that were really awesome and let me hear what God’s done in my friends’ lives. And that’s the whole point anyway, isn’t it?


pictures found here.


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