Types of People on “The Real World”


Token ethnic cast member.

         -This person is of another race and fairly attractive. They may technically call another country home, but they’re just about as American as they can get. But hey, now everyone knows The Real World’s not racist!! This person will turn some drunken (and sober) comment into a personal attack and fill the universe in on their personal woes. Will hook up with white male/female who has also now proven they are not racist!

-Self-proclaimed skankbomb and alcohol-lover…but “not an alcoholic”.

         -This girl wants some major action and will not pretend otherwise. While she has a skewed perspective on just about everything in life, she is honest. Likes Top 40 hits. Cries to Beyonce and remembers Britney Spears’ comeback whenever her “haters” get her down. Margarita salt and chemicals from the tanning bed swim around in the lakes of Clinique Happy within her pores. Chaz from the bar doesn’t seem to mind though! Enough talk…shots?

-Angry bird.

        -This one is a wildcard and a terror to take out on the town. He/she will engage in multiple verbal arguments and the nice guy will hold back their arms as they sob and scream obscenities all at once. They may or may not be kicked out of the house once they punch someone in the face. Jail is also an option. But it’s whatever, he/she don’t give a F!@#$%$%^&*&^%$#. This person is key to the show. Other members hate this person but also want to be best friends so they can feel better about themselves AND avoid getting kicked in the gut.

-One with the boyfriend.

       -This girl will enter the house with the “love of her life” back in the hometown. Possibly attends church back home as well. One night out to the bars will show this girl there are OTHER boys in the world, and she digs it. A few more weekends along with an accidental make-out sesh, and this girl alternates curling up on the love sack crying on the phone to her boyfriend and staring dumbfounded in the confession booth. Will return home and rekindle relationship once the fame from her season has died down. Also will explain on the reunion show that her boyfriend is just the best and they worked things out because they’re meant to be together. Her boyfriend listens to Oasis and likes to cuddle.

-Young one.

       -This member is 18-20 years old. Forced to be DD all the time. Feeling embarrassed about not partaking in the bar scene, they feel the need to overcompensate by telling about every single time they’ve ever been drunk. “BV, man, you ever heard of it?” Despite the attempts to impress, this person is fairly innocent and pretty boring. Writes songs about broken hearts as he/she tries to learn how to play the guitar. Always there to listen. Listens to Flo Rida if they are feeling rowdy.

-Tough guy with close to no personality.

      -Will use his season to launch his career on the Road Rules/Challenge shows. Finally all those dates with the weight room have paid off! Until he can’t solve that dumb puzzle in the woods and his $5,000 flies out the window along with his last functioning kidney.  



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