If Girls Really Ran The World.


  1. Pinterest classes would be offered in schools everywhere to teach one how to properly “pin to your board.”
  2. Dr. Oz would have his own channel instead of just his own show.
  3. Congress meetings would be held in Starbucks Cafes.
  4. Some scary device would be placed in every male’s phone to tell if they have received your text and if they have read it or not.
  5. Higher pain-relieving drugs would be available for childbirth. They’d be safe and stuff too.
  6. Beyonce would provide the new National anthem, which would be performed before “Cupcake Wars” and House Hunters International marathons.
  7. The food pyramid would include skinny vanilla lattes and feta cheese salads as main food groups.
  8. There would be a reaping for who has to fight for their life Black Friday morning at Target and the mall.
  9. Hugh Grant statues would be placed in important places.
  10.  I would cry. 

2 thoughts on “If Girls Really Ran The World.

  1. You crack me UP!!
    PS Let’s figure out a blog to write together and link it to each other so that readers have to click back and forth to each of our sites. This will do two things: 1)really up our readership numbers and 2)totally annoy all of our friends.

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