Roamin’ and Ramblin’

Believe it or not, my bio under “Let’s Meet” only briefly touches on who I am. There are a few more facets to me other than my love of oatmeal and hip-hop. For instance, I love a good play on words. I mean LOVE.  My dream job right now is to work over at Modcloth, mostly because of their style and all-encompassing blog, touching on music, books, food, etc. But my pants would be on fire if I said I wasn’t abnormally amused by the clever titles of their items. Some of my favorites (so hard to choose) are found here and here. Share with your retired dad or old neighbor across the street…I bet they’ll find it funny. Need I mosaic more?

Also. I hate cats. They are annoying and I feel uncomfortable and taken advantage of when they writhe all over my ankles or try to cuddle with my face. Just…stop. But I DO love these cat-inspired DIY shoes. So much so that I want to make them this weekend. Who wants to join me? Huh? Yeah? If that’s not enticing enough, while we’re waiting for the cat ears to dry, we could bake some Pecan Shortbread dipped in chocolate and sea salt. Woooah. Here is the recipe for all who agree that sitting down with some shortbread and a cup of coffee sounds amazing. I don’t get to bake often at all during school, but I really want to give this one a try.

Now, I purposely wouldn’t include this in my get-to-know-me for fear of people calling me a total MOM, or something of that nature. But I am in fact a sucker for some HGTV and looking at beautiful kitchens, specifically. Who knew backsplashes and hood vents could be so beautiful? I guess I get it from my own mom, who has totally made my poor father into a House Hunters guru. He denies it, but I know he knows the housing market in Thailand better than most.

To end this short ramble of mine, I just want to share a few words about Sleigh Bells. In my opinion, this review summed it up well, but I’m pretty inta the new album, Reign of Terror. I’m sure Jack Shey is still getting turned on by the new tunes. End of the Line and Road to Hell have become some quick favorites, although I’m still digesting the tracks. The title seems a little misleading however, based on the fact that this time around I don’t feel like I’m having a mini heart attack every time the song switches. And for that, I say thank you.


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