Recently Thrifted.

I got to make a quick trip home this past weekend. Along with catching up on trashy tv and drinking my parents “coffee” (really just dirty water), I hit up both the Salvation Army and Goodwill in Marion, Iowa. While I initially went hunting for some old t-shirts and jeans for an upcoming trip, I just couldn’t resist browsing through the blouses and dresses. 40 minutes. One dressing room trip. Much success. Here are some highlights of what I found:

1)   IIF Vintage suede two piece dress. However, I plan on rocking both pieces on their own as well.

2)   Floral oversized shirt. No tag. The belt was my own.

3)   Tommy Hilfiger cotton shirt. Sweet gold buttons on top!

4)   Brooks Brothers brown lace-up boots.

5)   Taurus II vintage dress. Red, green, and black floral print with some vibrant red buttons and unnecessarily large shoulder pads. Do I cut them out or let them be? Still deciding…

6)   Linda Lori cardigan. Gray and extra cozy with some nice gold buttons.

7)   DB Designs. This zip-up dress shirt will go great with some black skinny jeans and wedges.


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