back yall

Leave it to the month of Valentines day to rekindle my flame with the idea of blogging. I’ve been miss lazy bones lately but I’m back. And in spirit of the upcoming holiday, I’ve compiled a short list of things I’ve been sharing some lovey dovey feelings for lately:

1) Breakfast. I recently found an apartment for next spring, and am so so ready to have a kitchen to cook in again. I’ve been scoping out some inspiration and am ready to part with school food forEVA. Saturday morning breakfast with my beautiful roommates will be the best. Cranberry apple crumble? gimmegimme.

2) Reruns of Friends. Long live Rachel’s hair! It seems TBS and the State Gym at school have teamed up to conveniently show some reruns while I’m kickin it on the elliptical. Increases exercise enjoyment around 10,000 percent. (PS Thank you new gym for having tv screens on all machines. Very polite of you.)

3) Ahh, Dessa. We should totally be friends. Though this lovely lady started by impressive spoken word poetry, she has broken into the music scene in a big way through collaborations with Paper Tiger and Gayngs, and becoming a part of Doomtree and The Boy Sopranos. Click here for a taste of her music AND writings. Also, let me use this moment to express my disappointment (devastation..fury..etc.) that the ONE night she is coming to Iowa State, I won’t be able to see her. But for all you other people: Doomtree will be performing in the M-Shop March 8th! You should definitely go and definitely not tell me how awesome it is.

4) One Saturday soon, I must do this. Heart-shaped too! Even MORE holiday themed.

5) The Serving Center. Harvest Vineyard Church and Body of Christ Church have teamed up and sponsor this organization that reaches out to the Ames community to meet physical needs, such as clothing or food. Anyone is welcome to stop their location on Stanton Ave. on Saturday mornings. I’ve met amazing people who know what is truly important in this life.  I always leave learning something and feeling a bit humbled. Or a lot humbled..which is always good for someone like me. Everyone needs an outlet to extend outside of isolation. Members of any community grow one another, and I’m really grateful for the community I’ve found myself in at this time of my life.

That’s it for now.

Also, February is Black History month. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been revisiting some music and wishing I was Lauryn Hill more than usual…


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