I can’t deny my Iowa pride. And know that a post all about why I love my home state is in the works. But today? Today I miss Minnesota. Living in Minneapolis (well, technically Roseville, but whatair) for a year was such a sweet time. While in this nostalgic moment, I shall list a few of my favorite things/reasons to explain why Minneapolis is to Ames as Beyonce is to Solange. Just…cooler.

1) I’ll start with free things. Because they are free. The Guthrie Theater is one of the coolest places in which I got to spend some time. Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten to see an actual play there before, but walking around the place is entertainment enough. When I walk in, I feel like some sophisticated, important person. Like someone should be making me a martini, or I need some fur around my neck. Of course, then I start crawling in the holes in the wall, and feel a little less sophisticated.  Along the walls, leading out to the endless bridge are blocks extending out from the building. As you sit or stand in them, you are overwhelmed by the landscape and the Mississippi River. And then when you get to the endless bridge, it is even more beautiful.  It is a walkway extending out towards the river, with some seating to relax and take in the view. Here are some pictures! Ones even of me so I can feel cool. Oh-and I’ve had more than one person tell me this is the “perfect place to win over a girl” or a prime first-date location. Just sayin’.


                                                                                                                                  Inside on the top floor. Cool!


2) Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Park is a gem that I didn’t discover until a little before I moved back to Iowa, but boy am I glad we became friends. First of all, Minnehaha is fun to say, ya know? Go ‘head, say it. Secondly, it is such a beautiful place! Theres a garden, trail, restaurant, and then Minnehaha Falls-a 53-foot-tall waterfall in Minnesota!  The bridge above the falls and the trails down into the gorge let you take a good look. Also a romantic spot…hmm. Date 2? That’s assuming you get a date 2. Which is assuming date ONE was at the guthrie….



3) Okay. Free stuff is cool, but sometimes really important things are worth some cash. Like ice cream!

Izzy’s Ice Cream is a real treat. (get it? like ice cream is a treat. and its a treat because its fun. ha. ha.) Izzy’s gives you a homemade waffle cone filled with nummy ice cream, a malted milk ball at the bottom, and an “izzy scoop” on top, which is a small little scoop for that weird flavor you want to try, but are too afraid to commit to the whole cone. You know. Plus there are stellar flavors to choose from like salted caramel, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate banana, or dinosaur egg (what could that ever mean??!!!?)

what the eff is the girl in the back holding?? and can she share?

While I’m on this food kick, let me give a shout out to Wong’s Kitchen.  An order of fried rice there was enough for about 3 people. But that’s only if you’re willing to share. Also, I have never eaten AT the Wong’s Kitchen. Get it to go and find a sweet lake (pick from 11,842) or drive around listening to some Dre.

apparently i'd rather eat for 3 than share.

4) Slightly more holy than Wong’s Kitchen is the Cathedral of Saint Paul. The Cathedral has daily mass and guided tours Monday-Friday. Thousands of people find themselves there every year to take a look around at the beautiful architecture and design of the building. Set upon Summit Hill, it is complete with a 120-foot wide dome, marble altars inside, statues, stained glass windows, and paintings. (www.cathedralsaintpaul.org) After you ogle here, take the walk over to Nina’s for some good coffee and cute baristas.



5) Walker Art Center && The Sculpture Garden. The Walker Art Center is one of the major contemporary art museums in America, and is perfect for those who are interested in art but don’t have 6 days to walk around looking at multiple exhibits. The Walker is small enough to walk through in an afternoon and still have time to check out…the Sculpture Garden! This garden is over 11 acres and has over 40 art installations. I don’t know if you’re technically allowed to climb all over them like a spider monkey, but let me tell you…it’s fun. The main attraction is the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture by Claes Oldenburg (sort of wish his blueberry pie made the garden too). There is ALSO the Cowles Conservatory which is a big glass building that houses tropical plants, flowers, and a huge glass fish over a fountain. My kind of place. Here are some pictures of my cute friends and that big spoon.



I could keep going on and on about how fun the cities are, but I’m starting to feel annoying so I’m going to stop now. I would encourage any of you who haven’t spent a weekend of fun in Minneapolis/St. Paul to do so! Let me know all about the fun things you find!! I’m feeling lucky that I get to live there this summer with my super cool hipster sister. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about that joyous reunion in the future. Thanks for stopping by again! PeaceLoveTheGap




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