bright ‘n’ bold

Oh hello cuties.

In case you all were wanting yet another page to “like” on facebook, I got it! Trend is the fashion magazine here at Iowa State, and I’m lucky enough to be a part of it. Its just super fun so far. Which is a good sign I suppose, since that is kind of what I’m going to school for…

Anywho. The next issue is full of fun trends, and I’ll be working on the “Brights and Bolds” trend. Naturally, after I found that out, I stalked many a fashion sites to see where this is showing up. The answer? Errwhere. Typically when I shop I am drawn to creams, camels, neutrals in general. But this color blocking idea is growing on me fast. I’m hoping to try out the hot pink/red combo soon. I love how it looks on Carrie Bradshaw (Yes, I know Sarah Jessica Parker is her “real” name, but she’ll always be Carrie to me) and Emma “luckiest-girl-ever-because-I-kissed-hot-stuff-ryan-gosling” Stone. Thoughts?





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